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Refugee Week: Sara’s Art

Clearvoice Refugee Week: Sara’s Art article Clearvoice Refugee Week: Sara’s Art article

This week we are marking Refugee Week and exploring the theme of healing. We are featuring the art and poetry of our incredibly talented interpreters, created with this theme in mind. Sara is a multi-lingual interpreter with Clear Voice and a truly fantastic artist. We are honoured to be able to feature her work.

My name is Sara, I am Italian and I live in London. While living in Sardinia, I went to art school where I started my journey. I see art as a way of expressing profound feelings and emotions. I am inspired by my surroundings, the most important people in my life, my experience, and others. I have a passion for language, too. Hence, as I am fluent in different languages, I decided to work as an interpreter.

After completing my interpreting studies in 2014, I started volunteering for people need because I believe everyone should have a voice.


What does your art mean to you?

Working as an interpreter fulfils my person; I am continuing my career by studying at the university for a degree in language studies. I combine my art and languages to express freedom. I use dream art, surrealism and many others. I see art and language as an excellent combination to promote healing.