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Refugee Week: Maria’s Crochet

Clearvoice Refugee Week: Maria’s Crochet article Clearvoice Refugee Week: Maria’s Crochet article

The theme of Refugee Week 2022 is healing and we have been exploring this theme by sharing the creative pursuits of our interpreters. Maria is a multi-lingual interpreter from Italy who uses crochet to create beautiful baby blankets for charity.

My name is Maria-Cristina and I was born in Rome, Italy, where I graduated in Modern Foreign Languages. My postgraduate studies were in London where I completed a PGCE in Spanish and French Language and Literature.

I have been working with modern foreign languages since 1983: as student, teacher, bilingual assistant, translator. I have been a professional interpreter, non stop, since 1997.


What does your art mean to you?

Crochet is a fantastic hobby. For me it is a way to keep old traditions alive – my grandmothers and aunties used to crochet blankets from old wool. It allows me to express my feelings and is a therapeutic tool to de-stress. It is also social, as it brings 3 generations together.

It is also incredibly rewarding that the final product helps people in need, as well as sheltered animals.