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A partner on a mission

Clearvoice A partner on a mission article Clearvoice A partner on a mission article

For this week’s blog, we have invited our partner JUST: Access to tell us more about what makes them tick. JUST: Access is a social enterprise that provides English and foreign language transcription services

Like Clear Voice, JUST: Access is a company on a mission…

Sophie Walker, CEO of JUST: Access, said:  “We believe that legal processes are complicated, convoluted, and obtuse, and that with the cuts to Legal Aid, more litigants than ever are trying to navigate these without a lawyer.  Our approach is to try and improve people’s understanding of what happens in court – in their case and other similar cases – by radically improving the transparency of how justice is delivered.”

“I started JUST in 2016, while working as a legal aid lawyer.  I realised that the documents my clients found most helpful – transcripts of the court’s decision in their case – were too expensive for them to afford.  I started researching the industry and learnt that most transcription companies still rely on manual, old-fashioned processes and this drives the prices up.”

“Our first product, JUST: Transcription, uses the latest in speech-to-text technology to automatically create a transcript, and our trained cadre of editors review and correct the transcript for accuracy.  Our quality assurance process means that every transcript is reviewed by a supervisor to make sure nothing is missed.”

“Our platform is fully secure, as a lawyer myself I know that privacy must always remain paramount.  After the audio is transcribed, our customers are able to access it via our platform, to review the transcript while listening back to the audio.”

“Working with Clear Voice, we have taken on a diverse range of work.  We have transcribed research interviews with the people working at the heart of the pandemic.  We have translated audio recording where 3 different languages are spoken into English.  We have even provided live-transcription of events.  Whether it’s a video or audio recording – we are always keen to help!”

“The best part of our partnership with Clear Voice is the opportunity to work with like-minded souls. What draws people to work at JUST: and Clear Voice is that they want to be part of an organisation working to make the world a fairer, more just place for all, one interpretation or transcription at a time!”

If you are interested in finding out about the transcription services offered by Clear Voice, please get in touch at