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The InPower Project

The InPower Project

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The InPower Project funds unemployed refugees into education, allowing them to start work as professional interpreters.

By fully funding community interpreting qualifications, Clear Voice helps refugees enter into the UK workforce, once they are legally allowed to work. This helps vulnerable people on their journey back to normality and gives them agency in their lives.

If you are a refugee and interested in pursuing training as an interpreter, or you know someone who would be interested, please get in touch using our application form…

It started with a pilot project

In 2020, we began developing a programme through which unemployed refugees could train to become interpreters. After receiving additional funding from CXK and the European Social Fund, we were able to launch a pilot project that paid for 12 unemployed refugees to complete a professional interpreting qualification.

Once the they had successfully completed the course, they began work as freelance interpreters for Clear Voice. We hoped to play a part in the journey of these 12 refugees back to normality and the pilot project proved to be an enormous success.

The InPower Project today

Given this success, we developed the pilot programme into the InPower Project – a permanent Clear Voice initiative that will continue to grow and thrive. The InPower Project is currently helping 54 refugees every quarter undertake an interpreting qualification. Over the project’s lifetime, more than 200 refugees have been supported through vocational education.